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Adapitve discrete LOD for static game Objects

The desired LOD system is intended for static game objects only (like trees, buildings), not terrain. Normally a LOD (Level of Detail) system switches between different representations of one model by diminishing somehow the number of polygons. The adaptive discrete LOD presented here knows only three states and in addition switches between meshes and billboards. The purpose of this LOD system is to create the illusioon of a densely populated game world. Let's go through the states starting with least detailed.

The least detailed state is the third state and called image state. At this state the object is represented by a (billboard ?) image. Modern hardware can display a manyfold of bitmaps in very short time. These bitmaps will represent models far away up to the next stage. The bitmaps are shoots of the textured models in stage 2. With many models represented as bitmaps, forests will look dense and cities filled with buildings.

The second state is called base state. At a reasonable distant range from the frustum objects are represented by the basic geometry of the object. For a house this would be the basewalls, roof and chimney. The rest of the model detail is represented on the texture. (Windows, doors, flowers, shutters, etc.)

The first state is the detail state, where models are drawn in full detail. The building from the example above will use the same geometry model. The details on the texture are now represented by textured geometry.

Popping between state switchesSwitch states to far away to be noticable (beware tricount)
Detail geometry must hide detail textureUse extra model texture without detail (beware memory usage)

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