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Project 2

Project 2 is the idea of a fantasy roleplaying game in the old style, with an epic story. The Story is already written but up to now I do not want to disclose it. The player will be drawn deeper and deeper into the story by his own investigations, being able to "realy" talk to NPC's by typing questions like 'Where can I find a smith'. The story will carry him through small villages, snowy mountain tops, dense woods and big cities. All quests should have different solutions and range from simple push/pull or bring item quests to long time non linear quests.


  • discrete LOD for large woods or city structures (as of paper 1)
  • interactive console for conversation with npc's like in a MUD
  • charackter system simple but diverse
  • quest system as in project 1
  • Indoor + Outdoor rendering ( Nebula/Torque ?)


  • particles for spells
  • pc switches automatically to combat mode
  • keyframe animation
  • dynamic outdoor environment

Nice to have:

  • Streaming for level data
  • bones animation
  • cutscenes
  • horse riding

This is only wishfull thinking, but you know.. Engines only display the story......

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