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The Nebula Device

The Nebula Device is a top quality 3D engine and it's free. The creators of the Nebula engine, Radonlabs have developped their last game Nomads with this engine. Meanwhile some smaller games using nebula 2 were published. Nebula 1 features OpenGL and DirectX support, scripting interfaces, Linux/Windows support and a very modular design. The Nebula 1 part is available for download but no longer supported by radonlabs or the community. Nebula 2 is a more shader centric and stripped down design of Nebula 1, faster, more modular and absolutely great examples to look at.

Of course it is much easier to go directly to the download section, where you can find all these nebula files and some more in one place.
The last thing I have to offer are some articles of diverse nature (tutorials, general questions answered, etc.).
These are the things I have currently been working on for nebula. I have also done some translations of existing passages of german documentation into english. By doing this I hope to get a better insight of the working behind the secenes.

Another thing I'll try to do is a little screen saver based on TND (as ist is called by some developers). It will be a little flight with a spaceship through asteroids. The ship will fly by itself through the debris, avoiding asteroids as they approach. Equiped with two laser-cannons it'll blast all asteroids coming to close into pieces (one big asteroid will crumbel into smaller asteroids). During its flight it can collect power up's for shields and lasercannon.

Anytime the screensaver is running you can take over the ship and fly by yourself by pressing a special key.

That's the idea.... What was finished so far is the design document. Implementation and modelling has started with ruby as the sripting solution. The implementation is a little bit behind as it is no top priority.

Something missing? Mail to cc

WoW Importer for Max
The World of Warcraft tool for 3D Studio has been updated. It now converts model files from WoW Client version 2.x (upto 2.7) and displays correct animations for multi mesh models. The script can be found here....
nGUI explained
If you ever wanted some more details on the nebula2 nGUI System you can find it in the nGUI System article.
Mangalore entity ID's
If you need information about the mangalore entity ID usage have a look here..
Mangalore Articles
Added a new section about the mangalore game framework from radonlabs. The section contains some articles about my experience with mangalore. Read more here:
Free models
Finally some free models for the Radonlabs SDK. You can download them here.